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Painting Services in Durban

Nothing Like a Fresh Coat

Your home’s roof protects those who live underneath it from overhead calamities, such as hail and rain. However, equally important house protectants are the layers of paint applied to the inner and outer walls. Think of your home’s paint as its suit of armour – keeping moisture from seeping in and causing damp, mould and eventually illness. With professional painting services, you can keep your home sealed and protected all year round – no matter how wet it gets!

Joe has been protecting homes with world-class house painting services for over 30 years, and knows just how to get a residential painting job done right the first time – in record time. These are the painting services we at Roof-Rite currently offer in the Durban area:

  • Interior House Painting
  • Exterior House Painting
  • Damp-Proofing
  • Roof Painting

Looking to reward your humble abode with a fresh lick of paint? Get a free quote by contacting us today!